Galley comforts

Some modifications made to an F24 galley to make living on board more delightful…

An iroko galley top (ex- school bench), with draining board to the left of the sink to make better use of the slight slope to aft. The cold water tap is fed from an electric pump beneath, feeding a stainless steel sink. A hardwood herb rack holds condiments; an opened bottle of wine is clipped upright beside it.

The sliding covers under the sink hide a drawer to the left which is sturdy enough to carry the Denby plates and bowls (three of each). The top-opening locker which was above this position in the original galley to has been converted to another, simpler drawer, matching that to the right of the sink.

The top-loading locker to the right of the cooker has been divided into two. A 1950’s Armin Trosser coffee grinder is fixed to the rear lid and slides forward when in use. The cooker is powered by Campingaz, widely available in the Netherlands (unlike Calor gas), and has an oven, grill and two rings. 

Beneath the forward lid the floor of the locker has been lowered to accommodate 4-pint water containers. Beneath the locker is the waste bin, hung on a small opening door.

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