Clutch connection

Clutch actuator, lever and shift mechanism on Kanzaki gearboxes fitted to many Yanmar engines.

This article concerns the spring-loaded actuator that connects the clutch operation cable to the clutch shift lever on the side of the gearbox.

Gearbox identification plate

The gearboxes that use this connection are the Kanzaki KM2A, KM2C and KM3A units. These are fitted to the following Yanmar engines:

1GM / 1GM10 / 2GM / 2GMF / 2GM20 (some) / 2GM20F (some) / 3GMD / 3GM30 (some) / 3GM20F


The spring-loaded actuator is the assembly shown below:

The component parts

The example removed from Lady Christina- rusted solid. (Viewed from the top, where the wet gets in!)

The connector- visible in the centre of the actuator- is supposed to be able to move within the cylindrical case.



The actuator in situ

To engage a gear (forward or reverse) the clutch cable rotates the shift lever to engage the clutch. The spring in the actuator helps the cone-type clutch to keep a constant engagement pressure. Without this spring action, the clutch will skip and judder. This will cause premature wear of the clutch faces.

The shift lever should rotate by equal amounts in forward and reverse.

Once the actuator is working correctly, the adjustment of the throttle cable makes more sense. This can be set so that the first position of the remote operating lever in the cockpit corresponds to the clutch being fully engaged and the engine still at idling revolutions.

The adjustment of the actuator is made by screwing the clutch cable in until the degree of compression or extension of the actuator spring is the same (5mm) when the remote operating lever is in the first position.

Clutch just engaged forward: B = 5mm

Clutch just engaged in reverse: A = 5mm

Clearer view of the measurement (reverse)







At full revs the movement of the connector is more extreme. This is full forward-

– and this is full reverse.


If you find that your actuator is not springy, you have the choice of servicing it or replacing it. (I decided that, if it was rusted solid, it was beyond saving, and bought a new one.) All you have to do then is to save up the pennies and track one down. This is easier said than done. The part number is 177088-06090. For this article I found one at French Marine Motors Yanmar Shop – FIG 69. CONTROL DEVICE Schematic . The price? £95.14, delivered. Cheaper than a new clutch, though.

Finally- don’t forget to slather on some waterproof grease!





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