Yanmar engine manuals

For those of us who are using Yanmar engines, here are three different manuals. They cover the 1GM, 2GM, 3GM and 3HM family.

  1. Yanmar Operation Manual. A handbook which may have come as a hard copy with your engine, covering basic installation and operation. This is a small download file.

Appearance of the Operation Manual. File size 1.4 MB

2. Yanmar Service ManualA highly detailed technical manual with excellent drawings. This is a medium-sized download file.

Appearance of the Service Manual. File size 14.2 MB

3) Yanmar Workshop ManualA cross between the other two manuals, this has drawings (albeit less detailed than the Service Manual) and includes useful photographs too. The first chapter is an introductory engineering course in itself! This is a large download file.

Appearance of the Workshop Manual. File size 66.0 MB

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